Razer Onza Tournament and Standard editions of Xbox 360 controllers announced

Razer certainly ain’t playing around when with a couple of new releases – the Onza Tournament and Standard editions of Xbox 360 controllers. Of course, Razer has more often than not been associated with gaming hardware for the personal computer, but not quite so with the video game console environment. Well, all of that is going to change from now on as Razer has just announced both the Razer Onza Tournament and Standard editions for Xbox 360 owners. These new controllers are high precision devices that certainly intend to deliver the best gaming experience possible for everyone who places top priority on accuracy and responsiveness when it comes to gaming. After all, there surely isn’t a fate worse than death when it comes to losing to your hated rivals online, right?

Specially built for the hardcore competitive gamer, the Razer Onza Tournament Edition will deliver superior customizability with adjustable resistance analog sticks. This is one of the main reasons why Onza’s tagline “Resistance is Futile” translates to having nothing to stand in your way for exceptional precision. Twist the analog sticks in one direction and they will be more resistant, offering a steadier control whenever you game, while doing otherwise in the opposite direction will result in quicker, fluid movements.
As for the Razer Onza Standard Edition, this model will come with Multi-Function Buttons (MFB) on the controller’s shoulders that enable the remapping of critical buttons to virtually any location under your fingertips. This will not only increase the efficiency of game control, but will also aid those with disabilities unable to reach specific functions on a crappy standard controller. In this way, Razer paves the way to enable everybody to play. Both Standard and Tournament Editions will ship with MFB, Hyperesponse technology, PC compatibility, and a 15 foot cable. Retailing for $49.99 a pop, you can place a pre-order this coming January 17th.
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