Help Me Obi-Wan! Star Wars Finally coming to Blu-ray

by James

Star Wars on Blu-ray? We got a GREAT feeling about this!

Long long ago, at Celebration far far away, George Lucas hinted that Star Wars may be coming to blu-ray soon. Well, that time is now as Lucasfilm, Fox and Panasonic joined a rebel alliance today to announce that the entire Star Wars saga will come to Blu-ray in the fall.

The announcement promises all six movies in the saga, plus over 30 hours of special features including some “never-before-see” footage. The saga will be available in one master edition, or in individual movie sets, and two separate trilogy sets (you can bet one will sell over the other).

The complete saga will cost $170 (the original VHS of episode 4 cost $99 back in the day, so that’s a good deal) with each trilogy running $70. But I’m betting the prequel trilogy will end up being marked down.

And fans don’t need to wait until the September release date either, as they can be pre-orded from Amazon right now with some serous discounts. Check out the links below:

Complete Saga for $90 with free shipping.

Original Trilogy for $45 with free shipping.

Prequel Trilogy for $45 with free shipping.

Wow. Talk about a serious disturbance in the Force!

Hat Tip – Rebel Scum

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Tommy Says: January 14, 2011 at 12:11 pm

This is awesome! Did anyone see the announcement at CES? Darth Vader showed up with some storm troopers. I found this photo:

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