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I remember my childhood dog, Digger. Digger was one of those dogs that just loved everyone, and ran away all the time. No matter what we tried to do to contain him, he managed to “break out” and wander around visiting the neighborhood, everyone knew him and loved him, but we were worried every single time he took off.

If you have ever experienced the fear and anxiety of losing your dog, cat, ferret or free range chicken, you will love Loc8tor Pet, using Active RFID Technology, Loca8tor allows you to press a single button, and it will instantly provide you with continuous location information including walking directions within an inch of his hiding spot.

Loc8tor  provides the direction in which you need to walk in order to find your pet via a credit card sized handheld device and mini homing tags that are the smallest and lightest of their kind.

Pets get out and get lost regardless of fences, doors and other boundaries. If you’ve ever been through the anxiety of losing a pet, you know how upsetting it can be. Now there is something that will dramatically reduce the risk of losing your family’s best friend… From $99.00 with no monthly service fees. Available from www.loc8tor.com

Now if I could just put one of these things on my TV remote and eyeglasses…

Source:  www.loc8tor.com

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