Casio TRYX camera unveiled at CES 2011

by Mark R

There’s always a few stars at CES 2011. These are the products that get billboards devoted to them at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and one of them was the Casio TRYX.

Since the digital camera market is flooded, it becomes very hard to come up with a camera that defies the usual conventions. The TRYX is that camera, as it has a very cool body. See how it flips out of its frame? The frame then becomes the handle of the camera for one hand, which really frees the user up from snapping photos with the other hand. The frame also allows the TRYX to work as a tripod.

In addition to this framing technique, the TRYX has a unique LCD screen that “puts all camera controls right at the user’s fingertip”. It has a touch shutter that can focus on an area or subject in the frame and capture it.

As for the specs, the TRYX is a 12.1 Megapixel job with a CMOS sensor, dual core processors, and Casio’s EXILIM ENGINE HS. The video is the expected 1080 at 30 fps. Other features include Slide Panaorma which allows for 360-degree panoramic images. It also has slow-motion video for speeds of up to 240 fps. It is also connected for social networking for photo-sharing on Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, provided it is connected to a computer.

You should be able to get the TRYX in April 2011 for about $249.99.

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