Vizio expands to the mobile gadget market

by James

HDTV giant Vizio sets it's sites on mobile gadgets ...

Known for it’s low cost, but value added HDTVs, budget electronics manufacturer Vizio is setting it’s sites on the mobile gadget market with Android based smartphones and tablets that can interface with their TVs. Now that’s a huge broadside …

The gadgets are called the Via Phone and Via Tablet respectively. Both will be based on the latest Android Gingerbread OS and will have integrated IR blasters to control their HDTVs. In addition, these mobile devices will have 1Ghz processors, HDMI output, WiFi, Micro SD card slots and Bluetooth. The Via Phone will have a nice 4 inches LED screen, while the via Tablet goes to 8 inches.

No word on price just yet, but knowing how Vizio’s core customers are value based, you can bet they’ll be competing in that arena, and could be quite attractive to carriers looking to court new customers with a phone that does a lot for little money.

And although there are many low budget Tablets starting to flood the market, Vizio can wave the flag of quality by pointing out stronger processors and more up to date Android capability. It’s a win win for both sides of the marketing isle.

Look for an official announcement at CES.

Hat Tip – UnCrate

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