The Scooba 230 and Roomba 700 series updates by iRobot

I’m sure a lot of you probably can’t live without those circular robot discs that clean up our floors while we sit back and do what we want to do: not clean.
You’ll be pleased to know that iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba, has come up with some upgrades to the 700 series that include the 760, 770, and 780. You can see an image of one of them on the left.
The company has also come out with the Scooba 230, which is the tiny disc that you see on the right. The 230 is 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter, and it is a terrific cleaner for places you don’t want to clean.
For example, it is able to squeeze between the toilet and the wall, and it is able to mop around chair legs as well. It can be filled up with water right from the faucet, and it keeps dirty water and cleaning solution separate for washing, scrubbing, and squeegee jobs. It can then beep and flash when the job is done.
I don’t have a date of their release, but I’m sure these devices will make an appearance at CES. You should be able to get the Scooba 230 for $300, the Roomba 760 for $450, the Roomba 770 for $500, and the Roomba 780 for $550.