Lexar to announce 128GB SD cards at CES

by James

SD Card capacity breaches 128GB with 133x write speeds

Wow. Seems like only yesterday I was posting the ground breaking announcement that the 16GB threshold had been breached in high capacity SD cards. Now, Lexar is poised to surpass that mark by nearly 10 times with an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show of an SD card that is 128GB!

Using the SDXC standard (secure digital eXtended Capacity) which will eventually allow for up to 2TB of storage capacity, the 64GB and 128GB cards that Lexar is announcing will be aimed square at professional users and will also have a write speed rating of 133X, which translates to the ability to read and write data at 20MB/sec (my first hard drive was 20MB!).

And they are not stopping there. According to Cnet, the SDXC standard Lexar is pursuing will also have improved electrical contacts that will make transfer speeds three times as fast in the near future, nearly getting on pace with where compact flash cards are today.

This will be great for a market which has now firmly added HD video to still cameras and pocket camcorders, giving users far more storage and faster write times to keep up with those Kodak moments.

And the sky appears to be the limit.

Hat Tip – C’Net

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Efrain Says: January 20, 2011 at 7:55 am

“And their not stopping” –> Really? Their?

Edwin Says: January 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Thanks for the eagle eyes, Efrain 🙂

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