The iPhone Screen Enlarger – Who needs an iPad?

I hate to admit it, I want an iPad and I don’t even know why. I have an iPod Touch, an e-Reader and an Archos Tablet. I have MP3 payers and handhelds of all shapes and sizes. I’m just a sucker for new technology, so I guess I’ll keep saving my pennies.
While I’m waiting, I can take my iPod Touch to the next level with Hammacher Schlemmer’s exclusive, iPhone Screen Enlarger. This is a portable device that enlarges videos from your iPhone or  iPod Touch for viewing on a 7″ LCD screen. Your iPhone or iPod touch docks horizontally into the base of a black laptop-like case, providing you access to all your iPods video controls with your LCD viewing area above, where your computer screen would be.
Hammacher’s tech specs tell me the device provides 400:1 contrast for vivid images, and the thin film transistor screen provides 480 x 234 pixel resolution. Clear sound is provided by its two built-in speakers and includes a headphones jack for private listening. Its video port and included AV cable enable playing videos on a television.
The device has a rechargeable battery that will provide a couple of hours additional play time from a single 4 hour charge using the included AC adapter. The device itself, will charge your iPhones or Touch when it’s docked.
So, a bigger screen, better sound and increased battery time… I’m in.
Available only at for $199.95

2 thoughts on “The iPhone Screen Enlarger – Who needs an iPad?”

  1. Key question about this enlarger’s usefulness: does it ONLY enlarge videos, or does it enlarge whatever is displayed on the iphone? I would buy this device if it enlarged everything, especially the Safari browser and my apps.

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