Intel 310 series of SSD offers big performance in a tiny package


Intel’s latest foray into the world of solid state drives (SSDs) has resulted in the 310 series which is touted to offer full SSD performance despite coming in 1/8th the size of many other SSDs. This ultra small device will definitely play a crucial role in making dual drive notebooks, innovative tablets and rugged embedded applications all the more popular, but that is only if manufacturers decide to take up the challenge and incorporate the 310 SSD into their new hardware releases. According to Intel, their spanking new SSD 310 series is capable of delivering Intel X25-class performance, albeit being extremely small – to the tune of 1/8th the size, in fact. We will look in closer detail on how something this tiny is able to eke out a performance that will definitely leave you impressed.

The Intel SSD 310’s small size makes it ideal for tablets, rugged, low-power military or industrial embedded apps, where in fact it was the candidate chosen by DRS Technologies for its upcoming ARMOR tablet PC. Measuring a mere 51mm-by-30mm and only 5mm thick, the Intel SSD 310 is no slouch when it comes to speed tests, being a fast, ultra-compact SSD which delivers flexibility, ruggedness and scalability to innovative form factors and devices. Not only that, it is able to enable highly responsive dual-drive notebooks, innovative single-drive tablets and low-power, rugged embedded industrial or military applications. When used in tandem with a high-capacity hard disk drive in a dual-drive system, benchmark tests have shown that the Intel SSD 310 is capable of improving overall PC system performance by up to 60% – now how about that?

Since it is a SSD, there are no moving parts to worry about – which in turn makes it more durable and reliable than a mechanical hard drive, all the while sipping less juice while delivering improved system responsiveness. The Intel SSD 310 series comes with a 34 nanometer (nm) Intel NAND flash memory and is available in an m-SATA form factor in 40GB and 80GB capacities.

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