Blinput system helps visually impaired get around easier


Losing your faculty of sight is something not anyone would embrace all too willingly, but should that happen to you, surely you would want to do your best and learn how to live life all over again. Of course, the reading part is already solved with the Braille system, but when it comes to being really independent, walking and traveling from one place to another all by yourself, life just got a whole lot more challenging. Being in a developed country with proper guidelines and construction of buildings to help it be more blind-friendly, but what about the others who are less fortunate, literally having to grope around just to move about? The standard cane and guide dog isn’t going to be enough, and this is where the conceptual Blinput system could potentially come in handy.

Since smartphones these days do come with supreme processing power that was previously unimaginable a decade ago, they have also worked pretty well as a navigation device to boot. The Blinput system concept will go even further for the vision impaired, where it will enable visually impaired people to not only find their way around, but it will also double up as a tool where one can interact with the connected world thanks to the smartphone’s camera (which seems to increase in megapixel count all too often) which will gather context relevant information that will be processed and subsequently relayed to the user via a pair of headphones.

This will require the visually impaired person to wear a smartphone around his or her neck, where the camera will face outwards while a pair of headphones will produce audio in 3D for a better positional sense. Despite being a pair of headphones, it will come in an open model so that ambient noise can be heard. Of course, it doesn’t say anything about detecting thieves and robbers, since those with evil intentions might just go out and rob a blind person of his or her smartphone. There is also the issue of battery life, as smartphones are notorious of not being able to last the distance so everyday charging of it is a must.

Source: Gizmag

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