Archos 70 Internet tablet sports 250GB of storage space

Archos is a name that while isn’t as popular as the iPod family when it comes to portable media players, it has done reasonably well enough by itself to remain competitive in the market. Well, the company has just announced yet another Internet tablet for the masses, this time around concentrating more on storage space than anything else. We’re talking specifically about the Archos 70, where it sports 250GB of storage space. This unique Internet tablet will come with a unique over-molded PVD stainless steel structure that is not only slim but lightweight in design.
Apart from that, it will also not disappoint when it comes to the amount of technology crammed inside, as you will find a high resolution capacitive touchscreen display, a speedy 1GHz processor that zips through your apps without breaking a sweat, and Wi-Fi connectivity to help you surf the Internet whenever possible, all for the relatively decent price of $349.99. Of course, despite packing in all those features, you won’t find the Archos 70 to be fat in any way, as it is still the slimmest and lightest 250GB tablet device on the market at 14 ounces while measuring 7.91 x 4.49 x 0.55 inches.

Oh yeah, did we mention that the Archos 70 Internet tablet will also sport a 3D graphics accelerator to help you maximize its perofrmance? Sporting Android 2.2 Froyo as the operating system of choice, you will find that the Archos 70 will not come up short where connected applications are concerned, as you can take advantage of the web browser and email application and Flash 10.1. Fancy viewing whatever page on a large screen TV? That can easily be done via HDMI, thanks to its HDMI output connectivity option. For those of you out there who are interested in picking up a tablet, which model would you go for? Would Apple’s iPad appeal to you especially, or are you willing to give other brands a chance?
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  1. This was a really informative post. I’ve actually been considering buying the Archos 70 for the very reasons you mentioned (the extensive array of miscellaneous tech it has to offer). I haven’t had the best experience with Archos in the past (comparing it to my friends’ ipads and all) – their tablets weren’t the fastest as you must’ve heard others mention:
    On the plus side though, it seems they’ve finally outdone themselves. I might just shell out the full 350!

  2. I’ve had the Archos 70 8GB version since November and have to say I am generally very pleased with it.
    The latest Android [Froyo 2.2.1] is now installed and the Archos firmware has also been updated. To be honest, since getting the Archos I have hardly used my desktop or laptop – it is really fun to use.
    Surfing the web is simple and speedy with the 1 Ghz processor, watching vidz is fine and if you attach a miniHDMI-HDMI cable to it you can watch whatever you want on your HDTV!
    No problems reading emails and/or sending them.
    Android Market is available [check out how to]
    One last thing – Angry Birds looks amazing in 40″ HD!!

  3. If Archos, are having problems with the Archos 101 internet tablet, I’m sure this also won’t work as well. Flash player don’t work a number of videos won’t play, plug in they sent for videos won’t work, also a number of apps have problem with 101 and to add further insult to customers they don’t reply to customers emails and if the do they don’t answer customers problems. Archos has a bad customer service, if you don’t beleve me take a look at their Facebook page it’s full of customers having problems with them 🙁

  4. Does anyone know that with the 250gig storage is it one a real minid drive or memory and if it is a drive does the overall power usage degrade because of the drive? I would think it does but Archos seems to claim that the usage of both 8gig and 250gig units are about the same.

  5. I just got the A70 250GB and it seems to be an amazing device. That said, we all know that no device is perfect, so I expect the odd disappointment to occur…but so far so good.

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