Whole House Humidifier


You know that it can get mighty dry during the winter, especially for those of you who live in desert areas. Well, that is what a humidifier is for, isn’t it? This is where Hammacher steps in (as usual) to save the day, with the Whole House Humidifier. Frankly, by the name itself, it can be a pretty misleading product if you happen to own a really, really large house since it might not be able to do the job. The Whole House Humidifier is capable of humidifying up to 3,800 sq. feet, eliminating dry air in the home. Boasting deeply pitched fan blades and a specially designed air duct which can create an invisible stream of moist air, it will circulate air from the floor to the ceiling. Up to 12 gallons of air moisture is generated every single day, where the integrated humidistat will automatically maintain the humidity level you set. Holding up to 6 gallons of water and continuously circulates it through a filter that removes hard minerals and water deposits, this humidifier sports a trio of fan speeds, a quartet of casters for easy mobility and a remote control for couch potatoes. At $169.95 a pop, it is definitely worth looking into.

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