Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser


Since it is the new year, you might as well make that resolution which is meant to be broken – to look a whole lot better physically by making sure you work out those long unused muscles. Yup, what better way to do so instead of attempting push ups than the Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser? This device will deliver an aerobic workout for the entire upper body, promoting strength, increasing endurance, and burning calories at the same time. To maximize its effectiveness, hold the device perpendicular to the body with both hands gripping its two bars and then spin rapidly, mimicking the movements of a boxer punching a speed bag in the process. This high repetition movement will increase the heart rate for a cardiovascular workout. For the lazier folks out there, you can also use it while reclining, where that position will activate the abdominal muscles. $129.95 sounds a whole lot more affordable than a gym membership…

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Hukiworld Says: January 1, 2011 at 6:50 pm

Actually a gym membership is less. You can get same exact effect if you find a large elastic rope and pull on it for resistance. Be creative and don’t waste money on gadgets you can easily build on your own if your on a tight budget. If you can afford it, awesome but for those that can’t, no worries, just use you noggin and think.

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