Nevis Swing is the world's highest swing at a 300 meter arc

As a child, one of the first “extreme” things that we try is the swing. Not only do we get the rush of a controlled fall, but the backwards rush as well.
We really should never grow out of the swing, but they don’t make swingsets for adults. If you are looking for the thrill of the swing as an adult, you might want to check out A.J. Hackett Bungy’s Nevis Swing.
This particular swing is in New Zealand, and it has a 300 meter arc with 70-meter free fall. As you can see in the attached video after the jump, it is made for canyons and cliffs.

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Sony unveils HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D visor

I wish that I was at IFA right now, as Sony is making truckloads of announcements about their new products.
One of them is HMZ-T1, a head-mounted wearable 3D display that promises to create an experience of watching 3D or 2D pictures on a movie theater-like virtual screen that is 750-inches on its diagonal.
That is quite a boast, and I know that most wearable video glasses from other companies say that they can reproduce the experience of a normal big-screen TV.

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Nsquared Seamless Computing lives up to its name

What you are about to see in the video after the jump is known as Seamless Computing, and it really is where we are headed, as far as technology is concerned.
The demonstration is courtesy of a company known as Nsquared, and it shows how a Windows 7 Mobile Phone, Kinect, and Surface can work together. As far as I know, Microsoft did not sponsor this in any way.

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Maze Racer tickles the mind

There is nothing quite like a brain teaser to get the good ol’ grey matter going, especially when you are in the middle of the work week and need to look towards other sources of inspiration if you happen to hit a road block mentally at the office. Why not take five with the $19.99 … Read more

Wacom has an Inkling for the future

The name Wacom is synonymous with digital tablets and sketch pads, and the company has its latest model for the masses announced recently – the Wacom Inkling. This spanking new digital sketch pen will be slightly different from your average digital tablet, as it will actually be able to capture a digital likeness of your work even when you sketch with Wacom’s provided ballpoint tip onto any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.
Yes sir, this is one model that targets those who are into rough concepting and creative brainstorming stages, where the Inkling intends to bridge the gap between paper sketching and digital drawing as it offers users at the beginning of the creative process a method to actually flesh out the ideas swimming in their heads on actual paper, while capturing those concepts digitally at the same time so that they can be further refined on a computer. This definitely beat the old school method of scanning your images onto a computer for inking and refinement later on.

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Sceptre has new 32" LED HDTV for the masses

You know that times are extremely hard these days especially on the economic front, and it makes perfect sense for us to look out for value-for-money bargains. HDTVs are dime a dozen in the market, and with more and more players entering the game, the industry has gotten a whole lot more competitive. Well, Sceptre is one of those names, and they have decided to grace the market with they spanking new 32″ LED HDTV model that will cater for the entry-level niche.
Also known as the Scpetre E325BV-HD, it has been touted to be the ideal companion in your living room – assuming you’re still using one of those fat, chunky CRTs or want to introduce yet another TV to your home. At least it isn’t that large so much so that it cannot fit into a cramped apartment without looking out of place.

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GameCom 777 from Plantronics

I got a chance to try out the GameCom 777 and I was pretty impressed when I heard them.
The GameCom 777 is apparently designed for games and movies for a laptop, and it has a USB adapter that can convert any 2 channel audio source to a virtual 7.1 surround sound device. From the moment I plugged in the adapter and the headphones, the sound was magnified incredibly. You can quote me on those last two words, as I do’t know any other way to describe it.
It also has a noise-cancelling microphone that can bend up into the headphones themselves. It has an in-line volume which I will have to warn you: it will usurp your laptop’s volume control. In other words, your computer’s regular dial will not work as you have use the one on the 777. That is totally acceptable.

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MIT Media Lab City Car could be our automobile future

MIT Media Lab showed off this particular CityCar at a conference lately, and it is very good. Just to let you know, it is still a concept, but it should be full-sized and in production in about 2013.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see that it has a very unusual folding ability. The folding is perfect for city parking places, where space is an issue. Just think how much less room these cars would take up in comparison to full size cars of today!
The folding also serves a secondary purpose as it allows the driver to get into the car standing instead of that acute or obtuse angle that one does when getting in the driver’s seat of ordinary vehicles.

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Thanks to CineSkates, Gorillapod looks even stranger with wheels

We have reported on the Joby Gorillapod before, on many occasions. It is a flexible tripod that attaches to a camera, making it look like a War of the Worlds Martian. If you ever wanted to put some wheels on your Gorillapod, you can do it now with Cineskates.
If you are wondering why you should want to put your flexible tripod on wheels, then you need to think like a film director. Just think of how cool your DSLR video will be when you do arcing shots, sliding shots, rolling shots, and any other shot that is in dynamic motion.

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