AstroClip brings your iPhone and telescope together

My wife has an application on her Android phone that allows her to identify star constellations, but this AstroClip iPhone Accessory is taking star gazing on the mobile to a whole new level.
The AstroClip is a camera enhancement that allows the user to attach their iPhone to their telescope with 3 adjustable screws. This gives the user the opportunity to take a picture of the new comet that he or she has discovered.
I suppose that you will have to decide who is the best person to send the picture to if you find that asteroid that will destroy the world like in Armageddon or Deep Impact. I wonder if Hollywood will do this plot yet again, and whether this device will make a cameo appearance.

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Laptop Speaker Bar

Many laptops and notebooks do not come with quality speakers, they work just as it is right out of the box. Then again, if you want quality audio on the go, what the heck are you doing, relying on the stock built-in speakers? Surely a pair of decent portable speakers ought to do the trick. … Read more

MicroVision PicoP head-up display technology arrives in test vehicles

Technology in vehicles have surely come a long way from its early days until now, and we even have some sort of Heads Up Display in BMWs operating for some time already to help the driver keep his or her eyes on the road all the time, while gaining access to vital information at all times without missing a beat. Well, MicroVision might just be in on the next big thing with their PicoP head-up display technology known as PicoHUD, being implemented in test vehicles already.
This move, if it gains traction, might just end up with the commercialization of its PicoHUD technology within a mass production car model – perhaps targeted for introduction three years from now? MicroVision’s contract will see the automotive manufacturer and its Tier 1 supplier work together with MicroVision to roll out advanced HUD prototypes which will feature next-generation PicoP display engine that are based on direct green lasers.

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V-MODA True Blood REVAMP Metal High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones

V-MODA’s latest foray into the world of headphones would be the True Blood REVAMP metal high-fidelity in-ear headphones, and just what kind of technology does it pack? Well, we will look at it in further detail right after the jump, but before that, we will proceed with further pleasantries concerning the headphones. Boasting silver bullet styling, “supernatural” sound and “immortal” durability, you can bet your bottom (hard earned) dollar that this model is not going to be “just another pair of headphones”.
V-MODA lives up to their true music lifestyle brand with the True Blood REVAMP, where it was developed in partnership with HBO to deliver a pulse-pounding synthesis of sound, style and comfort that targets the mobile generation who tend to be far more active at night than during the day. Sounds like it is meant for the party animals at college, no?

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QUMA action figure made for 3D graphics

As someone who has worked with 3D graphics before, I never really got around to posing human characters. I suppose that I could have done better if I had the QUMA (pronounced Cooma).
As you can see, the QUMA is essentially one of those small wooden posing statues from art class with a bunch of sensors on it. It is good for when you want to put your 3D digital characters in positions that are tough to model. Provided they are human.
There is a video of it after the jump, and you can see how the digital modeler can create some basic action poses. It looks like the 3D video footage can be turned into 2D, so maybe this will be a tool used for comic books.

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Also introducing the Evolouce TWO!

In addition to the Roku 2, we have another 2 product with the Evoluce TWO. You may have heard of Evoluce before, as this German display company makes multi-touch and gesture displays very similar to the Microsoft Surface.
The Evoluce TWO features a 46-inch multi-touch LCD display that can detect over 60 simultaneous inputs, which is good for 4 users at once.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, with the scratch-resistant front glass for a haptic touch feeling for smooth interaction. Yes, this is like the Microsoft Surface, and it has a Microsoft Kinect sensor to make it work. The Kinect has a 3D sensor mounted 100 centimeters above the screen, and it can detect shapes or 3D objects on the screen.

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Apple Thunderbolt Display unveiled

Apple scores another first with their latest Apple Thunderbolt Display, where it is said to be the first of any display in the world that sports Thunderbolt I/O technology (hence its name, of course), making it the ultimate docking station for your Mac notebook. All it takes is a solitary cable so that you are able to hook up a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac to the new 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display, giving you access to a plethora of ports and connectivity options to boot which you will see in the extended post.

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