Bring Jurassic Park to your home with the 20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops

I’m not too sure about you, but when Jurassic Park first hit the cinemas all those years ago, my jaw literally dropped to the floor for the first time in my life. Such lifelike special effects that made me ask, “Just how the heck did they manage to do it?” To see man and dinosaur walk together is truly one of the more spine-chilling experiences to date, even though it was only on the silver screen. Well, since Father’s Day is already over and you need to start earning brownie points with your kids to be called the “Best Father in the World” for 2012, here’s a quick tip – bring home the 20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops for them.

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3-in-1 All Terrain Robot

Have some spare time over the weekend that you want to dabble in a robotics project? Well, you can’t really go wrong with the 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot, that’s for sure. After all, it costs a mere £24.99 a pop, where it comes with half a dozen separate caterpillar tracks as well as a choice … Read more

Nox Audio Specialist and Scout Headphones

While I was at E3, I got a chance to see Nox Audio and their products. Their latest and greatest aren’t coming out until later, but I had a chance to try out the Scout and the Specialist.
The Scout is essentially a pair of earbuds that “sets the standard for audio performance”. The Scout allows for portable gaming, listening to music, as well as being able to manage calls with a touch of a button.
As for the Specialist, I have a picture of that after the jump. It is also designed for everything that the Scout is for, but it is the over-the-ear headphones. It has a volume control located at the ear that is essentially a big knob.

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These big statue heads are stereo speakers

As much as I hated Batman and Robin, the 1997 film that was probably worse in quality than the original 1968 Batman film, I did admire it art direction. In Batman and Robin, the city of Gotham was re-envisioned as a city of giant towers, mixed with gigantic statues.
I had to admit that I liked that aesthetic of gigantic statues mixed with everyday architecture, and you can have it in your home with Richard Grant’s new stereo speakers.
Behind the eyes of these giant heads are the cones of the speaker, and I don’t know how loud of a sound that this delivers. I also don’t know what materials that they are made of, as sources about this item are pretty brief to say the least.

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The airport of 2050 could actually be more efficient

I think we all know that air travel is getting a little more uncomfortable every year, and I think we all know that is going to get worse.
In fact, a recent statistic has shown that it will increase from 6.5 million passengers per day to 44 million per day by the year 2050. Fortunately, aerospace giant EADS is teamed with a European tech consulting firm Altran to create a more efficient airport.
It was recently shown off at the Paris Air Show, and the video after the jump shows off the new system, the “friend-lean”. Yes, that seems to imply that we are leaning on each other, but this is not how they are hoping to resolve the coming problem of airport overcrowding.

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PowerSkin has goods for the HTC Sensation and HTC ThunderBolt

PowerSkin – the name that is a godsend for those who make heavy use of their iPhones, has now opened the door for owners of the HTC Sensation and HTC ThunderBolt to enjoy an additional boost of power as well as protection from the daily rigors of portable use. The HTC ThunderBolt is one of the first few 4G/LTE handsets out there, and one of its major drawbacks would be the huge power drain on its battery when on 4G networks. Having additional juice on hand is always useful, as you never know when you might need to make that emergency call without a power outlet nearby.
You basically get to enjoy twice the power thanks to the built-in batteries in the respective case, sporting an extra smooth finish on the outside which is made of shock-absorbing silicone, delivering maximum protection in the process.

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Itronix GD3015 tablet PC is one tough cookie

You know something? New gadgets are always nice to touch and look at, with them being shiny and all, but how many of them are actually able to last the distance? You need to add on stuff like screen protectors, a protective sleeve or case, while keeping a keen eye out for the device whenever you travel, hoping that whoever you lent your iPad to would not scratch it.
Nice to know that there are companies out there who share your sentiment, and know that tougher electronics will always have a market. This is why General Dynamics Itronix has introduced a new semi-rugged GD3015 tablet PC, where this durable device tips the scales at under three pounds, capable of delivering the full functionality of a notebook without compromising on robustness.

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Canon EOS 7D piggy bank

For professional photographers, there is no better feeling than unboxing a spanking new lens to go along with the powerful camera body that you own. Well, for those who are pinching themselves for nabbing a deal on eBay for the Canon EOS 7D with EF 70-200mm lens at a low, low price of $36, you … Read more

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Talented musicians can be quite the eccentric lot – and sometimes, they just want things done their own way, never mind that the average man on the street might deem it strange. Well, take guitarists for example – some of them might want to have their very own picks to pluck strings with, so what … Read more

Green Power Island creates more land and energy

This Green Power Island is designed to combat two things that the Earth might be greatly lacking in the future: land and energy.
The architectural firm of Gottlieb Paludan from Copenhagen created a serious combination of eco-friendly power with the wind turbines near the shore, not to mention all of the solar panels taking up the landmass.
That’s pretty visible from this mock-up image, but what you don’t see is that the green space is for “biofuel crops”. Not only that, seawater is pumped into a lagoon-like reservoir, which is emptied by the turbine-powered pumps when it is low. These turbines also allow water to flow back into the reservoir during times when water is in demand.

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