Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock

Finding it hard to wake up early in the morning simply because of the cool weather and the fact that you’re extremely cozy under your sheets? The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock might add some spice to your life then, as this unique consumer electronics device will boast voice recognition technology which lets you set the time, dual alarms, snooze, ask for indoor and outdoor temperature and record up to an 8 minute memo – all using nothing but your speech alone. Similar to other Moshi alarm clocks of the past, the Reflection Clock will boast Technology That Listens, which translates to its ability to recognize your voice command without any setup required. Apart from that, you get a 9 minute snooze (is that a magic number?), custom alarm sounds, half a dozen nightlight colors to choose from and adjustable LCD brightness.Just in case you are hunting for the Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock up and down the Walmarts around the country, bear in mind that this is a Brookstone exclusive, going for $59.95.