iPad Alarm Clock


Yeah, when it comes to docks, Apple devices are certainly king of the hill, what with a ton of iPod touch, iPhone and even now, iPad docks arriving to flood the market and help you part with your hard earned money. The iPad Alarm Clock is one of the later models to arrive, where this docking station will turn your iPad into a versatile bedside alarm clock. A pre-loaded app will allow you to wake up to the song of your choice, and with a snooze interval that can be set anywhere from 1 to 29 minutes, hardcore snoozers will definitely find this $199.95 purchase to be a good deal! All audio will be played through the dock’s built-in speakers, and the iPad’s display is used to show weather reports, personal reminders, and overnight updates from Facebook and Twitter. Talk about waking up connected to the rest of your social network! There is also a failover alarm in the dock just in case the app isn’t running as it should, making sure you will not miss that important meeting or flight.

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