Griffin Slap Nano Wristband


The latest iPod nano is definitely one of the smallest wonders of the world, according to diehard Apple fanboys. Well, we are wont to agree since something so small can actually carry so much stuff. It also goes without saying that the third party accessory market for the iPod nano is a growing (and lucrative) one, otherwise how can we see so many manufacturers throwing their lot into this area? One of the newer accessories to roll out would be the Griffin Slap Nano Wristband, where this slap style strap is actually a flexible ‘memory-metal’ wristband, specially designed to accommodate an iPod nano, allowing you to wear it like a wristwatch. All you need to do is whap the seemingly rigid silicone band on your arm, and see it fit your wrist perfectly, as though it had a life of its own. Start strutting this around like a peacock after you invest £14.99 in it.

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