Bed Bug Camera – Now you can know before its too late

I don’t know about you guys, but ever since all this bedbug information has been hitting the news I am scared to death to stay in a hotel, or even sit with my head against an airplane seat, just the thought of these creepy critters gets my skin crawling, I just can’t relax.

Well, now I have something new to add to my obsessive-compulsive arsenal, the Bedbug Camera. This web enabled USB microscope camera, can zoom into any object and examine it very closely using the 10x magnification or it can zoom all the way up to 300x for a much closer look.

This camera is perfect for identifying bed bugs or any other tiny particles. Imagine your delight when you realize for certain, that you are not in fact overrun with bedbugs, but merely inundated with Oreo crumbs from your husbands midnight snack.

You can share your images with the world by posting the high resolution photos or streaming live video over the Internet to your fellow insect-phobes. With LED lights illuminating the subject area, and its excellent magnification capabilities you can rest easy, knowing just what it is thats going to get you in your sleep.

Ahhhh… how relaxing is that? Get yours now for $129.95 from


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