Panasonic AG AF100 offers an above average video recording experience


Are you looking to be a budding filmmaker, and have the ambition to be one of the top movie makers when you grow up? Well, if that is the case and the answer is in a definite affirmative category, then you might be interested to know that Panasonic has rolled out its AG AF100 camcorder, making it the industry’s first professional micro 4/3-inch video camcorder that have been specially optimized for high-definition video recording. Of course, the price is not going to be cheap, as it has been listed at $4,995 which puts it out of reach for most of the working class since it is not an essential item, but then again, the AF100 does offer a new level of affordability for HD motion image quality. We will look into the AF100 in greater detail in the extended post.

Capable of affording the depth of field and field of view that is similar to that of 35mm movie cameras in a more affordable camera, where it will target the film and video production communities. The AF100 won’t find it a challenge to deliver film-like shallow depth of field and the wider field of view of a large imager, carrying with it the flexibility and cost advantages of a growing line of professional quality, industry-standard micro 4/3-inch lenses, filters, and adapters. Not only that, it also offers the capabilities of a full HD 1080/720 production camera, delivering superior video handling, native 1080/24p recording, variable frame rates, professional audio capabilities, and compatibility with SDHC and SDXC media.

According to Jan Crittenden Livingston, Product Line Business Manager, Panasonic Solutions Company, “The design of the AF100’s advanced, custom-designed 4/3-inch sensor affords depth of field and field of view similar to that of 35mm movie cameras in a more affordable camera. What’s more, Panasonic engineering ingenuity has resolved the aliasing and moiré that has haunted the DSLR shooter. In fact, the AF100 was based on what we heard from and saw customers doing: purchasing DSLR cameras because they liked the look of the image, but then agonizing over all of the workarounds required to achieve an acceptable high definition recording.”

All purchases of this 3.5-pound AG-AF100 will be accompanied by a three-year limited warranty, as long as you register the camera with the PASS customer support program.

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