Gyro Bowl – What goes in, stays in


A few months ago I was cleaning out the car and when I lifted up the rear seats to vacuum, I found more food than I think we had for Thanksgiving. My daughter was promptly banned from eating in the car.

I think she may get another chance, with the Gyro Bowl, a nifty little BPH-free plastic contraption with a 360 degree rotating inner bowl that is practically spill proof, virtually indestructible and top rack dishwasher safe.

The rotation of the Gyro Bowl ensures that the open side always remains on top and its contents don’t fall out of the bowl. No more worries about spilling. Fun for parties, great for kids, the Gyro Bowl is also useful for easiy spilled nonfood items like paperclips, thumb tacks, loose change or nuts and bolts.

The Gyro Bowl also comes with a stay-fresh lid so you can pack your snacks for later in the day and keep them fresh and tasty. Bright and attractive colors, safe for the messiest of toddlers, this engineering marvel is just what I needed to cut down on sweeping and vacuum time.

For a limited time, a set of 2 Gyro Bowls is just $14.99 at


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