Mirror Wall Clock with Temperature Display and LED light


Wall clocks are just that, right? They’re meant to hang on the wall, blending in with the rest of the environment without calling any attention to itself since it ought to be seen only when required. Well, the Mirror Wall Clock with Temperature Display and LED light turns the tables around, as this $149.95 is most likely to capture the attention of just about anyone who enters into your home, especially when dusk falls and all the lighting around you goes soft. Not only does this device tell the time, it also lets you know of the current temperature and is a snap to hang despite looking like it is extremely complicated. All lights are built in onto the inner area of the clock that will then glow upon turning the switch, and the temperature will show up in the middle as the time runs around, providing you with an accurate room temperature reading. Doubling up as a regular mirror, you can also use it to check whether there’s anything stuck between your teeth or not – it really is your call. Guess that means hanging it on face level, eh?

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