Swim faster with the Corsuit

What you are looking at is the Corsuit, and it is designed to increase speed in swimming.

Granted, I am not certain why you need speed in swimming, because certain swimming racing suits have been banned from international competitions. I think they were ruled as giving competitors an unfair advantage.

The Corsuit was created by Sam James, and it is a simple plastic board that can force the back into a straight line. If you can remember back from your earliest swimming lessons, keeping your back straight is essential in getting superior speed from your limbs.

Speaking of swimming lessons, I’m wondering if the Conduit couldn’t be used as some sort of flotation device to help out those who don’t know how to swim just yet.

As I have said before, I see no reason to become a faster swimmer unless it is for a race. However, the point of a race is to propel a human being to the limits of natural endurance, not to find some sort of gadget designed specifically to make it to the finish line first. However, if someone is trying to swim the English Channel, I wouldn’t mind if they wore this.

This is still in the concept for now, but the creator as well as the Design Institute of Austrailia will enter it into the James Dyson Award next year.