LovePlus on Nintendo 3DS uses facial recognition to prevent virtual girlfriend “cheating”

We have reported on Nintendo game for the DS known as Love Plus before. For example, there was that town of Atami where players could spend time with their virtual Love Plus girlfriends.

Love Plus is very interesting subject matter, as a virtual girlfriend has got to be the most relational form of technology that there is right now. It definitely brings up the subject of whether or not technology has gone too far.

There will be a Love Plus to come to the Nintendo 3DS, and I would imagine that it would be good for certain effects, and will also have some facial recognition as well. The facial recognition will have a “boyfriend lock” so that the game knows its true player, which will prevent any virtual cheating. This basically will not allow another person to use the Love Plus user’s 3DS, or else the virtual girlfriend will ask “who are you”?

Will this be applied so the user remains virtually monogamous? I can see a real twist happening here if the virtual girlfriend actually cheats on the user. Oh man, that is getting into some really weird virtual love triangle stuff there.

I suppose that Love Plus is a Japanese-exclusive game, unless the 3DS version intends to make a trip west.


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  1. hi there mardicas creepy indeeed becuase master chiefs and cortana had invented this technolgy 10,000 light years in the future or star date 8820 and this technolgy is even creepy for our species and were from halo ring not earth

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