The Clamcase – Bringing your iPad to the next level

Okay, I finally have it. The coolest thing to happen to your iPad since, well, the iPad. I have been enjoying all the cases and apps and keyboards entering the market, but I haven’t fallen in love… until now.

Enter the Clamcase, lightweight and completely portable, it changes your iPad into one serious machine. Send e-mails, manage data, make notes or surf the net all with the convenience of a netbook. But don’t stop there, the Clamcase can also be used as an iPad stand, perfect for movies or presentations, the keyboard folds in on itself allowing your iPad to stand alone.

Clamcase uses a patented hinge that allows your iPad to be used as a netbook, an entertainment unit, a presentation venue, an e-reader and wait for it, a plain old iPad, because the special hinge even allows the keyboard to be folded flat against the back of your device, leaving you with a simple iPad in a case.

So to recap, the Clamcase is protection, a full qwerty keyboard and a stand all in one, and it looks good too. How great is that?

Made of durable high grade PC-ABS plastic, with shock absorption pads for safety and a quick attach and release mechanism for your iPad, the Clamcase is one awesome little accessory.

You can order one now for $119.00, shipping January 2011 from