Apple’s Anti- Sexting Device – in search of family friendly tech


I guess its no secret that I love technology, I can’t even imagine how I got anything done before we had computers and cell phones. Unfortunately my daughter has the bug as well, and it takes a bit of time and energy to make sure she’s safe.

Apple is going to make it just a little easier, with a patented “system” or “device” that will allow for censorship, or lets call it, control of, the content of the all too prevalent text message. Messages containing, obscene or otherwise forbidden language will either be blocked in its entirety, or the offending phrases will be deleted when you receive the text. It will also alert the user, or administrator of the presence of such unauthorized material.

The system will also allow for user specified settings that exclude, or include specific criteria. In Apple’s example users could not only use the device to block inappropriate content, but to require certain content to be included in texts as well, Like a certain number of  foreign words for a student learning a new language.

So I guess I see a short term solution to protect my computer newbie daughter from some inappropriate material, but I have to ask myself how long it will be before those tech savvy teens come up with new dirty words in their soon to follow game of beat the censors. It should be interesting. In the meantime does anyone want to know what I’m wearing?


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