Airports closed? Have fun there with the Snow Cycle


We know that the recent blitz of snowstorms across Europe have raised the ire of many a traveler, especially during the peak holiday season where some folks out there want to travel back to their home town, only to find themselves stranded in the airport without any idea on just how long it will take for them to depart on their next flight. If you happen to live near such an airport, chances are your area will be covered with snow as well, which is why there is the Snow Cycle to keep you occupied. Originally designed in Oberndorf, Austria, this snow bicycle is the latest iteration of the “sit-ski” that was first invented in 1949 by Engelbert Brenter, boasting in-line, twin-skis and powder-coated steel frame that is capable of enduring 62 consecutive descents that reached a top speed of 66 mph. Fret not about your safety, as the frame’s galvanized coating is capable of withstanding the battering of snow, ice, and melt water in the process. Of course, the $1,950 asking price might be a wee bit too much to ask from the average Joe, but think of the stunts you can pull with this baby.

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Marlon Rodriguez Says: December 27, 2010 at 12:50 pm

$1,950!!!! Seriously! Just give me an old school wooden sled and I will be just as or even happier sledding on it than this gadget.

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