Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350

Have more than 300 quid to spend this Christmas but do not know where to redirect that fund? Well, what if we told you that £329.95 will be able to net you some dirt bike action in the form of the Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350? This off-road ride will be the perfect introduction for those who are not afraid of the dirt, where it is a scaled down, electric powered dirt bike which offers a fun way for younger riders to live out their off-road fantasies. Boasting a high torque motor, large, knobby tires, and capable of hitting speeds up to 14 miles per hour, you know that no pathetic dirt hill is going to stop you in your tracks. Too bad there is only a blue color to choose from, otherwise those who have a softer side to them might want pink as well. As long as you don’t weigh more than 65kg, the Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350 is good to go for you.