TEAC Aurb handles all your audio needs


Once in a while, a device comes along that touts to handle all of a particular need. Well, we have the TEAC Aurb this time around which not only plays nice with your iPhone and iPod (being a dock and all), it also doubles up as a CD player (just in case you have those Michael Jackson classics on a collection of CDs) and an FM radio, for moments when you’ve absolutely run out of downloaded tunes to listen to. At £249.99, the TEAC Aurb isn’t cheap, but let us gloss over what it has to offer before coming to a conclusion, right? Compatible with ALL iPod/iPhone models available, it boasts some pretty good audio quality, featuring a retractable iPod/iPhone dock, a top-mounted CD player and auxiliary/USB inputs for you to play back MP3 and WMA files from memory cards and CDs amongst others. It ain’t no shy flower, belting out 100 watts of power through its dual 32mm tweeters and 89mm woofers. Not only that, it looks absolutely gorgeous, so having it in any living room is a must this Christmas.

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