Kackel Dackel is the crappy toy for this holiday (double meaning here)

This toy is made for those parents who can’t get their kid to clean up after their dog. Yes, Kackel Dackel makes a game out of it.

I’m not certain of the rules of this game, but you can see in the attached video after the jump how some kids stuff clay into a Dachshund’s mouth only to have it clump out like a Play-Doh toy. I’m not certain what the object is, but it comes with some appropriate shovels.

Just to let you know, the video is in German, and it is pretty funny. I have no idea what Kackel Dackel tranlsates to, but if you know, please feel free to leave a comment.

You know what is really strange? I can totally see kids wanting this crappy gift. Just like Donnie Darko always regretted not getting Hungry Hungry Hippos, some kid is going to have a terrible Christmas because they didn’t receive a Kackel Dackel.

This toy reminds me of a Hasbro creation in the early eighties known as My Puppy Puddles. I still remember the jingle: “My Puppy Puddles, yes he loves to drink his water. My Puppy Puddles only puddles when he oughta.” Yes, it was a toy where a plastic puppy dog urinates. There was no game out of it.

Anyway, Kackel Dackel can be purchased on Amazon for about $46.


2 thoughts on “Kackel Dackel is the crappy toy for this holiday (double meaning here)”

  1. BTW: ‘Kackel Dackel’ is a play on words in German. Dackel is simply another german Word for Dachshund. Then there was the famous ‘Wackeldackel’ (nodding dog) found on car dashboards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXQFJkS9h7c
    And the last bit of it (literally) is that ‘Kacke’ is a colloquial word for feces…

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