The Crayola Crayon Maker

I remember walking into the room while my wife was watching 19 Kids and Counting or some other reality show that features a large family. I’m pretty certain it wasn’t Jon and Kate Plus 8!

Anyway, it was a usual episode about the things that happen in any household, like when the grandparents come over for a visit. They were having a blast playing with this Crayola Crayon Maker. Even though it is billed as a toy, it is downright useful for parents.

The Crayon Maker deals with a problem every parent has. As much as I love to see the virgin perfection of a new box of crayons, I know that eventually there will be a pile of label-less stubs thrown in a box later. The Crayon Maker is able to take all that wax and recycle it.

It should be noted that on the aforementioned episode of the big family reality show, there was an ad for the product during one of the commercials. Talk about a shameless and unnecessary plug.

I’m surprised that this toy is pretty cheap at $19.95. I’m guessing there would have to be some sort of oven there to melt down the wax and stuff. This looks like it would be a pretty messy toy, and perhaps parental supervision might be good for the first few times your kids play with it.


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  1. Dang…if I take this to my classroom, what will my students have to eat between free breakfast and free lunch? 🙂

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