Introducing LiteLocker, just in time for the holidays!

I’m sure most of you know the hassle of putting up Christmas lights in the wintertime, and I’m sure you have that one guy in your neighborhood that simply leaves them up all year.

Fortunately, LiteLocker makes it more dignified to leave up the Christmas lights all year because it is able to cover them up when they are being used the other ten or eleven months out of the year.

LiteLocker comes in individual lengths of four feet each. They can then be lined up as long as the user wants, and then attach them to eaves with vinyl siding. I have a video after the jump so you can see how the lights “come out of their box”.

After Halloween, or whenever you normally light your Christmas lights, all you need to do is get your ladder and open up your lights. There is even a tool available to open up the LiteLockers without a ladder. I would imagine that they will make it so you can just flip a switch and the lights will come out of their box and turn on.

LiteLocker is available at its official site for about $24.95 per 24-foot kit. I doubt that you will get them sent to you before Christmas, but honestly, at what other time could I have posted about the LiteLocker when I just heard about it today?