Instant Cold Or Hot Rechargeable Compress


Winter time isn’t exactly kind on those suffering from arthritis as well as painful joints, and some people resort to hot or cold compresses to get rid of that pain around the body when the mercury drops. Well, why not let technology step in and help you out? We’re talking about the Instant Cold Or Hot Rechargeable Compress, where this device is capable of instantly emitting cold or heat to treat muscle aches and joint pain. Boasting an aluminum head that heats to 110º F or cools to 40º F, these are ideal temperatures for thermo- and cryo-therapies. The cooling and heating process takes all of just 45 seconds, where it can then go ahead to relieve swelling or facilitate blood flow to help heal injuries. It also has another advantage since you need not be tethered to a heating pad or refreezing a cold pack. Tinier than a TV remote, it has a head that swivels 90º, letting you to easily position it against your body. There is a built-in toggle switch which changes it from heat to cold application instantly. You can use it with a quartet of AA batteries powering it, or choose to take the AC adapter route instead. The Instant Cold Or Hot Rechargeable Compress can be yours this Christmas for $129.95.

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richard cole Says: August 25, 2012 at 10:42 am

i like that rechargeable hot and cold gadget . But can you make it spread out 12 by 12 inches flat maybe the coolet in a tub e mail me back please

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