Digital Storm announces xm15 laptop


When it comes to computer system integration and engineering, the name Digital Storm will certainly crop up among those who are familiar with the industry. The company has just announced their latest, most powerful lightweight laptop that is known as the xm15, where it will feature NVIDIA’s Optimus Hybrid Technology to help it operate longer than normal. This new laptop is capable of delivering targeted extreme performance when required, letting you experience longer operation without losing the ability to enjoy the visual intensity of HD movies, multimedia applications, surfing the web, and gaming. Now that’s truly looking into the user’s needs, as it seems to be the utopian laptop for the moment.

Just what is the Digital Storm xm15 capable of? Well for starters, it delivers sumptuous graphics for a variety of multimedia content courtesy of NVIDIA’s powerful GT 425M 1GB video card. Of course, the inclusion of NVIDIA’s Optimus Hybrid technology allows owners of the xm15 to defer operation to a second separate integrated Intel graphics processor whenever you’re running less intensive applications (read: doing work). Switching between the two graphic processors is automatic and seamless, so you won’t notice that whatever program or operation you’re running at that moment will be interrupted. This increase and decrease in performance as and when required has allowed the xm15 to substantially extend battery life.

Capable of routinely scoring above 7200 on 3DMark06, it boasts built-in light speed eSATA and USB 3.0 transfer ports, not to mention integrated HDMI and VGA outputs for you to use it just about anywhere and everywhere. The base configuration of the xm15 starts from $999 which isn’t cheap at all, but considering the kind of technology crammed into it as well as the various configurations that you can always boost it up to, Digital Storm’s latest release will surely not disappoint. Of course, when you decide to cram it with the latest and greatest hardware, expect to pay far more than the one grand as originally requested. The payoff? A machine that will certainly last you a good few years.

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