DocuScan does a pretty bang up job

The name DocuScan itself sends the signal that it is a portable document scanner, where £149.99 will net you this rather nifty device. Sleek and compact, this is an all-in-one full color scanner that makes short work of digitizing all your photos, articles and paperwork. All you need to do is feed it with a bunch of photos and other printed material, and you’re good to go. Photos will automatically be archived in the JPEG format at 300 DPI resolution, while scans can automatically be previewed on its 2.4-inch color display without having to connect to a comptuer prior via USB. If it ever runs out of memory, you can always swap the full SD card for an empty one and you can continue scanning (up to A4 in size). Sounds perfect for those who have plenty of archiving to do when it comes to old family pictures!