Sega Toylets is a video game for the urinal

I saw postings on this subject in the middle of the week, and I thought, “surely I have better things to post about than this”.

It is Friday, which means that most of my sources don’t really have much to report about before the weekend. Without further ado, here are the Sega Toylets.

Yes, it’s name is a joke, and the bathroom humor is going to abound when you hear what this is about. The Toylets make a video game out of urinal. There is a video after the jump if you want to see it in action. Don’t worry, it is not NSFW, because there is a statue of a cherub taking a whizz instead of a guy.

I believe that the point of the game is to aim on a certain spot on the urinal, and your point value will increase as you…flow. I believe that there is one level where peeing in the right place raises a woman’s skirt. This would be an easy spot to insert a joke about what happens when you raise up the woman’s skirt entirely. That would be NSFW.

I believe that there is a multiplayer edition. Do you really want to hear the obvious joke about a pissing contest? Enough of this bathroom humor! Have a good weekend.


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