Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp


Have you watched Disney’s Rapunzel just yet? For those of you who live Stateside, that isn’t the name of the movie, as you might be more familiar with Tangled. Either way, it is the same, and who could forget about Pascal, the name of the super cute chameleon? Well, a similar idea has been incorporated into the real world, which is Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp. ThinkGeek’s latest $29.99 offering is actually an electronic glowing chameleon lamp which can dynamically match the color of whatever he sits on.

Yup, that’s right, place Huey down on top of a green notebook and he will match the color with his unique, glowing skin after giving him a loving squeeze. He doesn’t do this via magic, but two white LEDs located underneath which relies on a sophisticated optical sensor will determine the right color, where he will then adjust the shade of numerous multi-color LED’s imbedded in his body. Who would’ve thought that something like this would actually exist, eh?

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