Choose Your Own Adventure Books finally go to video format

If you grew up in the early eighties, then you probably remember reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books where you select a page depending on where you wanted your main character to go.

I’ve always wondered why we didn’t see more of these in video format that were not some sort of PC game in the early nineties.

This is Turbulence, an interactive feature-length film designed for touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets. The film won a recent award at the Berkeley film festival, and it normally runs about 83 minutes if you just let it go on its own. However, as the film progresses, certain items or even people will start to glow. if you touch them, this will cause the film to branch out into a different direction. Then the film could be 1-2 hours long depending on what choices that you make.

As for what the film is about, it concerns three friends who cross paths in New York City after 20 years of being apart. That might not be as exciting as the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I read as a kid, but hey, I’m sure that director Nitzan Ben Shaul has made it pretty exciting.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more movies or television shows with this type of format, in any genre. They must be difficult to write, though.