Visual Assist Dartboard

Love a round of darts with your mate? It gets all the more tense if you’re into betting, especially after downing a few rounds of Guinness at the local pub. For those who want an edge over their opponents, practice is the key here. The $199.95 that you fork out for the Visual Assist Dartboard might just be recouped after a few rounds of darts at the local tavern, as this electronic dartboard is capable of illuminating sections of its surface as a game progresses in order to assist players in scoring. It relies on bright LEDs to illuminate different segments of the board, where the dartboard will suggest the fastest way to zero points during games of 301, 501, and 701. Pretty smart for what used to be a dumb board, huh? Not only that, it comes with additional games such as Blackjack, Count Up, and Treasure Hunt, where players will have to place a guess on where a secret “treasure” is buried simply by targeting each segment. The whole board will illuminate when the treasure is “found.” Definitely something worth looking into for a Christmas present this year – or the next, if there is still enough stock.