Seagate goes green with latest Barracuda Green hard drive

As you can tell by its name, the latest Seagate Barracuda Green hard drive has a heart for our environment. Yes, years after the hard drive industry has added countless toxins to Mother Nature, Seagate has recently developed a conscience that delivers technology without resulting in Greenpeace activists protesting outside of their offices. OK, so we’re kidding about that part, but you do get the point, right?

The Seagate Barracuda Green hard drive is the industry’s highest performance eco-friendly 3.5-inch desktop drive that is meant for low-power personal computers, multi-drive home networking systems and external PC storage. Apart from offering environmental improvements in power consumption and material usage, these drives will also be among the first hard drives from Seagate that come with SmartAlign technology.

The Barracuda Green hard drive is also known as the Barracuda LP if you were to have a sense of continuity, where it will merge the industry’s highest spin speed (5900 RPM) with Seagate’s aforementioned SmartAlign technology, delivering best-in-class performance. Just what does SmartAlign technology offer? Well, it enables all the benefits of the new 4K sector standard while simplifying drive installation, doing away with the need for utilities that are more often than not required to ensure optimum drive performance. Not only that, being cool-running, this lower-power Barracuda Green hard drive will be pleasant on your ears by delivering whisper-quiet acoustics while reducing system costs associated with the fans and power supply devices often required for power-hungry systems.

Over 70 percent of the materials used to build the drive can be recycled – now how green is that? In addition, all Barracuda Green drives will utilize low halogen components to further reduce the negative environmental impacts related to these substances. There is no word on pricing as at press time, but if you’re interested in picking up this puppy while doing your bit for the environment, it will come in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities.

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