Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop


Love sports? Well, the Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop might be your cup of tea then, as this mini-basketball hoop will come complete with a 9-inch spring-loaded rim which encourages spectacular dunks. It is meant for office doors and cube walls, depending on which level of the pecking order you’re at. Not only that, in order to prevent cuts and additional insurance claims by your company, it will sport a clear, shatterproof backboard that measures 16-inches x 23-inches, alongside a white square target painted onto its surface for lay-ups and bankshots. As for the rear perimeter of the backboard, it will come with reinforced foam padding which protects doors. Each $49.95 purchase comes with a 5.5-inch diameter mini-basketball for you to get your dunk on. With twin hooks, they enable use over doors or cube walls. Minor assembly is required before you can break a sweat to let off some steam, especially during a particularly hard day at work.

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