Juvenile Diabetes Treatment Might Just Be In The Bag


Diabetes runs in my husbands family, his niece has it, her little girl has it, and while as a family they manage it very successfully, It just seems like something we should be able to fix by now. It just seems like something that should be easier to deal with.

Well, pardon my layman-speak as I explain that Georgetown University Medical Center researchers might be on to something, they have conducted an animal study that they feel may prove that human spermatogonial stem cells extracted from testicular tissue can change into the insulin-secreting cells normally found in the pancreas.

They were able to produce these cells without using any of the extra genes that were previously needed to turn stem cells into whatever tissue they wanted it to be. The use of those extra genes caused undesirable side effects, but the sperm stem cells that they were able to harvest from human organ donors already have the genes necessary to become embryonic stem cells, so it wasn’t necessary to add any new genes to coax them to change into these parent cells.

When these cells were transplanted into diabetic mice, they were able to decrease their glucose levels for about a week and researchers feel that with continued progress they can lengthen this timeframe and are in the hopes of providing a unique treatment for type 1 diabetes.

I say, who sits around and comes up with trying stuff like this in the first place? Then I say, Please just make it work.

Source:  www.medicaldaily.com

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