Chinese Sky Lanterns – a new holiday tradition


Every year, while I search for the newest or coolest stuff around, I always set aside some things that I think might be fun for my family, ideas for parties, or things I would enjoy making or having every year. Something to look forward to.

This year I came across a great one, Wish Lanterns. In order for the magic to begin, you need only to light the fuel cell at the bottom of the lantern, and using the same principals as a hot air balloon, wait for the air inside the rice paper sack to heat and then watch as it gracefully glows and floats up into the sky.

After you release your Wish Lantern, it will burn for approximately twelve minutes, and then the flame will extinguish and the paper will float back to the ground. Wish Lanterns are 100% biodegradable and will disappear in two to three days. Wish Lanterns are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Chinese lanterns are claimed to date as far back as the 3rd century AD as a type of signal balloon, they are also known as floating lanterns, glow lanterns, sky lanterns, sky candles or khoom fay and were recently featured in the movie “Tangled”.

Each Wish Lantern comes individually wrapped with a set of safety instructions enclosed and a pack of silica gel in each sleeve, a set of 10 is available from for $26.99

I can picture my family overlooking the river on a still winter evening and releasing our “wishes” for the New Year. Breathtaking. Now if we were all wearing white and holding hands… yeah, I know… I’ve gone too far.


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SrSloth Says: December 14, 2010 at 6:29 am

This is an absurd fire hazard! Here in Brazil there was a tradition of releasing hot air balloons like those but so many houses, buildings, bushes, trees and all sort of things where burned down because of this that now it’s against the law to build, sell or release a hot air balloon here.
For your safety, i hope police take this “wishlantern” site down.

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