Bank Robber caught with SPFXMask

Some of you might remember when we discussed how SPFX masks can create a very realistic Mission Impossible effect of disguising the user. A recent event last spring has proven their effectiveness.

The man on the immediate left is Conrad Zdzierak, and he is a Polish immigrant who held up several Ohio banks wearing the mask to his left.

I’m sure he thought he was committing the perfect crime as the cops were looking for a suspect with an African-American face. The police even arrested an African-American man that they believed to be the culprit, and the scapegoat’s mother thought it was her own son when the Police showed her a surveillance photo of the robbery.

Of course, Zdzierak couldn’t keep up his charade forever, and his girlfriend found the “smoking gun” of the mask and stolen money and called the police on him.

You might be wondering how Zdzierak obtained the mask in the first place. Apparently, he ordered the mask from SPFXMasks, and told them it was for a movie. He even had a set of African-American hands to match with it.

Okay, we are clearly moving closer to an era where we can’t trust the face of the persons that we see. Authorities are beginning to suspect that a man known the “Geezer Bandit”, who has pulled off a string of robberies in Southern California, might not be as old as they suspected.