Radio Controlled Smart Bullets – Go ahead, make my day

Remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? Where Elmer Fudd would shoot his double barrel shotgun and the buckshot would zip over and around things and then tap you on the shoulder and wave, right before they exploded. Funny right? Not, so much anymore.

The U.S. Army has unveiled an experimental weapon that is heading to Afghanistan as we speak. This $25,000 high tech rifle fires explosive grenades or specialty “bullets” that can blow up in front of, or behind the intended target.

It was meant to give soldiers the ability to fire on the enemy, even if they were taking cover around a corner or in a foxhole.

The XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, allows soldiers to program the ammunition to explode at precise distances by measuring how far it is to a target using the laser site and then dialing in where the ammunition should explode, such as at the corner of a building. The “bullet” has a magnet inside that generates AC current as it spins, and a microprocessor that measures the spin to determine how far it has travelled, and when it will need to.. well, let’s just say….tap the enemy on the shoulder.

The weapon has an array of ammunition to choose from, including non lethal rounds meant to stun, rather than kill the enemy. Individual rounds start at about $24.

How do you guard against something like this? My suggestion? RUN


2 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Smart Bullets – Go ahead, make my day”

  1. It cost four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon… for 12 seconds.

    (That was a TF2 reference, not an actual fact concerning the weapon.)

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