Snapstick – from your phone or laptop, to your TV, with a flick of the wrist

I am an information hound. If I am not on my laptop, which is pretty rare, I am wandering around the internet on my mobile phone. The ability to use a phone to surf the internet was amazing in its day, but now even with my new reading glasses, trying to see anything on my darn phone is more of a pain than anything else.

Enter Snapstick, a developing new product that would allow you to use your laptop or mobile phone as a visual remote control that lets you pick whatever content you would like to watch, or share on the big screen, and using Snapstick’s SplitMedia™ technology, it will direct the TV to get the content you’ve selected on your phone or your laptop, directly from the Web through WiFi connected software, and when it’s done, you’ve got the web on TV and your phone is free to use as usual.

Snapstick touts itself as the easiest way to integrate the internet and television and they sure make it sound simple, “if you can surf the web and watch TV, you already know how to use Snapstick” Well, I can do both at the same time and chew gum. So count me in fellas!

Okay, so its not an actual product yet, but they’re in beta testing and the premise seems just perfect. I can see myself finally being able to share all the fun stuff I have on my phone with my friends and, I can put the reading glasses away. Now I’m going to dream about all the things I’d be able to do if I could just snap any internet content I wanted to a big screen… wow!  Presentations? pictures? Internet TV episodes? Youtube?  Just Awesome.

Coming soon to a living room near you….