StroboTop Light Phase Animator


Do you still have that little kid in you, making sure that your next Christmas purchase for your son will also be something that you are able to keep yourself entertained with? Perhaps you might be curious to check out the StroboTop Light Phase Animator, where this unique top can be spun, followed by shooting it with the right light in order to experience a new kind of animation. All blurring images will snap into focus, bursting into life right before your very eyes. There are 18 discs in total with each $24.99 purchase, where these discs will feature animals, various kinds of humans, a bunch of zany shapes and more. The dial itself can be adjusted, so that the rate of light flicker changes in order to match the rate of the images spinning by on the disk. Make sure you have a bunch of eneloops nearby, since it will require a quartet of AAA batteries to run – and it doesn’t even ship with your purchase.

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