Bling Nation – soon it’ll be okay to lose your wallet


It’s no longer a prophesy, I’d say it’s a forgone conclusion, the cashless society is almost here…

Businesses like Bling Nation, based in Palo Alto California, are getting things rolling with stickers that will allow you to transfer your hard earned cash to stores, restaurants, or your friends with the tap of your mobile phone and all without giving anyone access to your personal information. No longer are credit cards, checks or cash necessary.

Bling Nation provides customers with free “Bling tags”, available from participating business locations, that are affixed to the back of your mobile phone, these tags transmit data using a unique mobile platform that enables tap-and-connect capabilities. Bling tag users can also earn and redeem loyalty rewards and receive text-messages confirming their purchases.

When users tap the tag on a proprietary reader at participating retailers, it pays with money from their PayPal accounts. For added security, users will enter a personal identification number for purchases over a certain amount.

Merchants can buy or rent the Bling tag reader and will be charged a fraction of the cost of the major card processing companies, without any hidden charges. It seems like Bling Nation is on its way, look for it soon… at a bagel shop near you.

For more information regarding retailers and consumers, or to find locations near you, please visit

Although I hope this doesn’t mean that soon, every time I lose my phone I’ve lost my wallet too…


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