Welcome to the age of the Onaroo PBA, or Personal Baby Assistant

by Mark R

As someone who has had three kids, I know how tough it can be to keep things in order. This is where the Onaroo PBA comes in.

This Personal Baby Assistant is a data gathering device that keeps track of everything that new parents easily lose track of. It is designed to sync to a PC via USB cable (no wireless functionality yet) and uploads all the data to the PBA Online website, so you can officially chart your child’s progress.

So for all those people that need a chart to document their reality, you will be able to check on your newborn son or daughter’s sleep schedule, bottle feeding, breast pumping, diapers, temperature, medicine, and even growth.

The PBA also works as a kind of alarm system. Not the type that can protect your home, but the type that has timers and alarms that are programmed to go off at important times like feeding. It can even be put on the belt and set to vibrate at the aforementioned important times.

The Onaroo PBA costs about $49.95, and all of the online services are free. Some of you might think that could be a little expensive, as my Source was quite quick to point out that much of what the PBA does could be accomplished by an iPhone App.


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